Gary’s 7th album release, Three Cup Morning, showcases this singer/songwriter’s ability to paint the pictures through his lyrics.

Track one, "Alice and Fred", takes us on a journey through the years with this independent couple. Your favorite beverage coupled with some headphones will transform you into their daily activities as this acoustic story-telling melody takes you through their adventure.

"Chameleon", ironically, offers a many-colored definition as to its message. You can take it as you wish. A hard driving, matter-of-fact, country tune suitable for any playlist.

The heart-felt, "I Miss Her When", is an intricate love story told with an intimate look into a very special relationship. Tasteful acoustic guitar work with a sensitive melody.

Three Cup Morning is another elegant example of the kindred blend of Gary's songwriting style and the production and mixing of bandmate/producerr, Jody Gray, at ProStar Studios, St. Petersburg, Florida.

This bi-coastal singer/songwriter delivers another serving of insightful tunes surrounding the intricacies of personal relationships.

The innocent suitor in, "Mango Moon", is just hoping for that night when he has his first date with his one true love. Set against a starry night he fantasizes about professing his love for her. "Imagine more than you could ever know, in any dream of yours", he sings.

To put it bluntly, "Second Chance" is all about a been-there-done-that kind of relationship. There is no rebounding here. This pissed-off, edgy, acoustic rocker is one you can really turn up.

For some, when the road Y's, couples find it hard to stay on the same course...and the cause of the separation is hard to identify. "Sleep on it, Tonight" is an insightful view of "...where they both were headed, is somewhere they both forget".

With Kaleidoscope, Gary continues to match the deep-rooted feelings of the lyrics with the melodic flexibility of his guitar progressions. A perfect matching with your favorite glass of wine.


When trying to explain the song diversity of Gary's 5th album release, Just What I Thought, the title basically sums it all up. Each track is unlike the other in content, message and structure.

A Folk-Rock Singer/Songwriter with insightful and thoughtful "picture" lyrics blended with artful and memorable melodic lines.

From the wander-lust, hard-driving "Tip Of My Tongue", to the social plea of "One Too Many", Gary's latest EP offers 4 distinctly different tunes.

Complimenting two of his favorite authors tells the story with "Turn Another Page" and his personal, intimate love poem gets exposed with "The Reason Why", rounding out a very enjoyable listen of his latest work.


Gary’s innovative song stylings continue with his 4th solo EP, connections. Strong, subdued and lively define the individual characteristics of this trio of original songs sharing the common focus of interpersonal relationships.

From the country rail chuggin’ of “Southbound Train”, through the calm waters of “Comfortable”, sliding into the sultry, bluesy, “Mornin’ Noon and Night”, this EP will be a keeper for your musical library. His lyrical expressions become familiar phrases that you inevitably find yourself singing later on. If you are involved with someone special, this one’s for you.

It's hard to put a finger on a single genre for Gary's music, but if you like to steal away on a mental vacation at anytime or with an occasional pull at the heartstrings than this EP is for you, blending picture-perfect lyrics with memorable melodies.

Following years in the corporate world and raising a family, Gary's wife encouraged him to begin writing again. He has emerged with more polished and insightful lyrics blending with fluid melodies. Much of this inspired by his recent experiences of tropical travel, Gary draws on his attention to surrounding detail and awareness creating musical stories from such normal daily events as an overheard phrase, a single photograph or just a natural setting. Releasing three EP's in as many years represents just a taste of more unrecorded original songs already sitting on his shelf. This latest EP, Acoustic Key, serves up three distinct tracks pulling on various emotions while portraying the individual character of his songwriting style.