Gary Baugh - Lead Vocals, 6 and 12-string acoustic guitar, dobro, mandolin

Jody Gray - producer, background vocals, percussions, drums, bass, keyboard, electric lead guitar. (ProStar Recording Studios)

Myles Crawley - producer, background vocals, keyboard, drums, bass, percussions. (DeadEye Recording Studio, Sound Waves, Watercolors)

Brandon Baugh - acoustic and electric lead guitar (Channel Town, Marina, Marina, That Woman of Mine, Pirate's Cove, Chameleon)

Jerry Eisner - Harmonica (Little Red Boat, The Closing of the Door, Mornin', Noon and Night)

Glenn Beam - drums (Marina, Marina)

Geoff Hunt - electric lead guitar (Southbound Train)

Bill Baugh - background vocals (Just Another Day In Paradise) 

Lauren Cozzolino - background vocals (Marina, Marina)

Alana Crawley - piano, background vocals (Channel Town)

Without the gifted musical abilities of these artists these songs would have been under-cooked, at best.

I am honored by the contributions of each of these talented  musicians and producers. 

Thank you all for the ear candy!

- gary -

All song lyrics and music written by Gary Baugh, except "That Woman Of Mine", co-written with Brandon Baugh.