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“What's so Good about Goodbye" - Official Music Video Release

It's a hard situation, when one side wants it and the other side doesn't. It's hard to figure out what was working...and now it wasn't. So many emotions packed into a single conversation.

My new original song, "What's so Good about Goodbye", describes the scene so many of us have been in at some time in our lives. The heartbreak seems unbearable at the time, but we learn that life goes on. You learn how to get through it, even though you think you won't. You say, "His loss" or "Her Loss", or "I should have..." or "I shouldn't have...". But either way, it's a moment you never forget.

Now available on Spotify, Pandora, Amazon Music, iTunes and Apple Music. Music video can be found on my YouTube Channel.
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Recorded with my friends PRO STAR Recording, St. Petersburg, Florida.

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